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The first batch of China-made oxygen generators has arrived in India

Time:2021-04-30 11:03

At a regular press conference held by the Chinese Ministry of Commerce today, spokesperson Gao Feng introduced that it is understood that relevant Chinese enterprises have already acted actively and the first batch of oxygen machines made in China has arrived in India. China will continue to uphold the concept of building a human health community, and is willing to work hand in hand with the Indian side to jointly address the challenges posed by the epidemic to the global and regional economies, and to provide support and assistance to the Indian people within its capabilities at any time according to the needs of the Indian side.
Gao Feng said that China and India are both large developing countries and major emerging economies, with strong economic complementarities and high potential for cooperation. 2020, China and India's trade in goods amounted to $87.6 billion, a decline much lower than the decline in India's trade in global goods, showing that the two countries have strong resilience in trade cooperation. Since this year, bilateral trade in goods has achieved faster growth, with trade volume of $27.7 billion from January to March, up 42.8% year-on-year.